Bali Part 1 - I Scream for Gelato!

I just came back from Bali last Tuesday. I had an amazing days to spend with my friends. We went to many places, mostly eating places. Though there was unexpected thing happened during our trip, we still had a great of three days and two nights together!


The first Place: Lello Lello Gelato Located at Seminyak, Bali
I had the best gelato here! I tried the banana and raspberry flavour on a cone. It was not too heavy like other gelato, I feel less guilty eating it!

Second Place: W Resort & Spa, Bali
You should definitely visit this place, it has a nice vibe.

Last Place: Potato Head Beach Club
Always prefer to come here during sunset or at night, but you should not mind the queue especially during sunset. This pace is always crowded during sunset but the view is always great and the food I can't ask for more. Had the food that were they recommend, my favourite was nachos.

I need to get ready for weekend, see you on the next Bali part 2.

To Be Continue...