Bali Part 2 - When in Bali..

Bali Part 2...

Second day was fully for eating places and cafes. As well as getting our sunset moment at La Laguna Beach & Club. You should definitely check this place out when you come to Bali with you friends. Not really an eating place, but a place for chill with your friends while enjoying sunset, this place got all the vibe! Our first stop in the morning was going to get our brunch at Sisterfields. This place has become famous for their brunch menu. I do recommend their Acai Bowl. Afterwards, we went towards a little cafe nearby, it's called Creamy Comfort.

Acai Bowl @ Sisterfields, Seminyak

 Creamy Comfort, a little dessert and coffee shop with cute and vintage vibe. Just next by AXIOO

 That peanut butter oreo cake taste really good! I'm a fan of peanut butter.. 
(right) cute little corner that I really like at the moment for an interior inspiration. 

don't mind with the messy table

From Where I Stand, I like the carpet that I would want one at my room.

La Laguna Bali

One of other recommended place in Bali. Ultimo, an Italian restaurant located at Seminyak. This place is always full with people, mostly with foreigners when I came at that time. You want a good food with good vibe and price. You name it.

Inside and outside look...

Tried to get a healthier choice for dinner. Love the roasted salmon 

And last but not least place to visit on our last day in Bali. Gardin Bistro. Again, located at Seminyak.

Since a year ago I visited to this place, I always adore the painting behind me