The Bund, With Love

Hey! It's been awhile since my last post. I'm finally back in Shanghai! It's been a week since I arrived in  Shanghai. That was a long and hectic week. I have to move my stuff into my new apartment, have to clean up the house, and went to buy some stuff for the house. And then, finally I started my first day being a fashion design student. I had so much things to do and at the same time my uni has started, I have a bunch of list about what to buy for every subjects and homeworks too. Aside from all the busy days, I enjoy doing it and thank God I have my super hero mom with me. Because of these reasons I have no time to blog. And now, since everything has started to settle down, I decided to share a little bit on what happen last night.

I went to The Bund right after my pattern making class. I went there with 2 of my friends that go to the same uni as me and come from the same hometown too. Me and friends were attending a welcome party arranged by a church that I always go. Since there are many new Indonesian students who just came at this time, the church always do this every year. We had dinner at a restaurant and then me and friends went up to The Bund and we took some photos together. Besides that, I don't miss this chance to take photos of Shanghai night scenery.