Shanghai Sculpture Park

I went to an art exhibition yesterday. That was my first time visiting an art exhibition in Shanghai and also my first trip with the classmates. So we were gathering at 9 a.m., we get started by doing a little bit of body stretching in the middle of the park, did 2 sketches, and continued to go into the exhibitions. The first exhibition was "flat", but I found the sculpture exhibition was very inspiring. It really matches with what I am doing in my fashion design class, understanding the human body. That's the reason why  we were there. There are many body sculptures done by different artists. I was very inspired with the the variety of body silhouettes and styles. I was not be able to stay there for a longer time, but I managed to capture some photos for my inspiration references.

Other than that, this huge place was inspiring inside and out. The architecture of the building brings different feeling and artsy. The park was full of gigantic sculptures too and there was also a book store that sells imported books, but a little bit pricy, some cafes and other art galleries that I missed. I will definitely go back to this inspiring place next time. 

I love the spaces!

left one of my fav sculpture right book store