Lunch at French Concession

I went to meet my lovely blogger friend, Alviana and her housemate yesterday. We went out for lunch at French Concession Area. Alviana actually really good at choosing a good place. Like our last meeting on June, she chose a great place in the same area too. This time we went to have a lunch set at a little restaurant called Mistral. This little restaurant served some western food like salad, pasta, and other few things. They served french breads for complimentary, then we continued with out appetizer, I chose mushroom soup and fettuccine carbonara for the main course. And lastly, they gave us sous with cream as a dessert. I was not able to finish everything since the portion was quite big for a person.

I actually like the concept and the interior in this restaurant. It has a french, Italian feeling and little bit quirky too. Like the heavy metal door and the sentence "Turn off TV, Turn on Music" on an old style TV at the gate. Not forgetting, where we were sitting, love the huge glass ceiling, where we also could see a cat walked around on the glass. Interesting! Today was my last day of school, I will be having a week holiday, It's China's Independence day and Mooncake / Mid Autumn festival. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

I like the bread, very soft  

appetizer - Mushroom soup

Jasmine tea. Love the aroma, but pricy.

My main course - Penne carbonara

Sous for dessert.

This is how it looks like above where we sit.

with Alviana and Bella

what a cute entrance! "TURN OFF TV, TURN ON MUSIC"

top - Mango // skirt - H&M // heels - Nose / Thanks to Alviana for helping me taking this photo.

outside. I love to be in the french concession area. a great place to have a walk besides Jing An and West Nanjing road.

Mistral 133号 Fuxing West Road, Xuhui.

Price: $$$$