Playing Patterns

collar shirt ZARA \\ skirt DIY

 ring DIVA \\ earrings shanghai

This whole week has been a great week, many things happened. Last Tuesday, my sister just having a baby boy. That means, I am having a nephew! The baby is very cute! He will be a great and handsome boy! I always visited him everyday, since my sister gave birth, until now she and her family are back at their own house. I can't get enough to visit their house and see the baby boy everyday. He's CUTE!

This Saturday night, I went to meet a friend of mine. This what I wore. Besides in the pastels colours trend, I love patterns, The skirt was made by me. When I bought the fabric, I found the patchwork is interesting and unique. Like the first time I wore the skirt back in December [link] , I wear it simply with a white top.

I also bought and borrowed books. I have books piling in my room. The one above (blue cover, under the accessories) is a new book, I found it interesting by the look and the description behind, I haven't read it yet but I have a high expectation.

Have a great weekend!