I've always been thinking about back in the day, not too long ago. This Year, in March, I spent time in Shanghai for a week, I've been always looked back at those time, and that precious week was the one that brighten my day (one of them). I captured every single places and moments when I was there in my mind. And just now, I looked at the pictures that I took back then, about a few hundreds pictures. Since I'm thinking about it right now, I'll share a few shots to you guys.

I remembered almost every places that I went until the cold weather 9 - 0 degree. The weather could changed and unpredictable, but I enjoyed the cold weather while walked along the street. I went to had a massage at a place, and that was the best thing to do after walk for the whole day. The good food, especially egg tart that becomes very delicious to eat it in the cold weather) I've tried to eat it here (in my hometown) but the feeling isn't the same. I always want to eat it egg tart since I was in junior high school, when I first visited Shanghai and continuously think that egg tart is the best to be eaten in the cold weather. And the best warm bubble milk tea and Ramen! And, that was my first time to meet a blogger, Alviana. I love everything about the city and wish to stay there longer.

In a two weeks, I'll be having my break. And You'll find out something. I just can't wait when the day comes. And Finally, this weekend I will be attending an event that I've been waiting for so long... I'm excited!