ribbon and polkadots

Just a quick little post about what I'm wearing today to class. I got a new ribbon cardigan from Precious Women Shop, once I first saw it, I love it! the details are cute and the colour is uncommon too. And I guess today is the last day that I can take outfits picture in my balcony. The reason why is because of my mom is leaving today. She went back to my hometown with my sister. And that means the balcony will not be open anymore. I should find another location at my house. sigh..I really love the balcony because of the presence of light.

I feel my face is getting rounder and rounder... but I really get annoyed with my medium length fringe.


see the nail polishes that I bought! Love all the colours! That blue colour nail polish matches with my cardigan, don't you think so?
cardigan and ring from Precious-Women Shop skirt from Zara