Freeze the moment.

It is always fun to have people accompany for shopping. Like today, I after I went to church with my family and friend, we went to a nearby shopping mall to have lunch, I really enjoyed these moments so much. I already known my friend who visited me for 10 years. And in these few days We shop, we chat, watch dramas together, share things, and talk about many things. I've never get this feeling for quite long. I'm elated! and today, We went to shop a lot of nail polishes and some make up stuffs. There are a lot of promotions going around for fashion or beauty products here. I bought many of nail polishes and other make up products. We were planning to do put on them, but in the end we never had chance to do it because of we were doing assignments for many hours.

Today I was wearing a jumpsuit.. I love the pattern on it since I first saw it