Black and White



pictures taken by my brother , edited by me
I've been bored with the holidays which is not a "real" and long holiday. It's just a one day off and another day on, and another day off, such thing makes me lazy to come to class and do my homework. But the good thing is I really enjoy the days off, I hang out with family quite frequent. I was a little bit sad yesterday because of another accident about memory card again. I hanged out and took a lot of pictures yesterday and suddenly all the pictures were gone. I have nothing to say, speechless, there was nothing that I can do. I'll keep on mind, to be really careful when I transfer the pictures with my card reader next time.

Currently, I realized that I have a more white colour t-shirts in my closet, I rarely find black in my closet. Maybe in another time, I'll addict into another colour, but for now, just stick to white. It's comfy, easy to mix and match, and also goes well for daily outfits. About the pants, I never worn it for many months! And now I'm back wearing it! :D

I just think of a new thing to do with my pictures, the idea comes when I was editing it in photoshop, and it turns out like a magazine photoshot. It is not really tidy but I'm quite happy with the result. Maybe in another time I'll do better :) So, how do you think about the editing? Do you like it? or not?