Catchy Green

I had a good time this weekend. Today is Sunday and the weather was cool the whole day. It has been raining for a long time today... It's quite a wonderful weather that I rarely found it. I went out today with my sister and brother in law.. I went to 2 shopping mall. went to watch Knight and Day. It's a very good action movie, and funny at the same time. :D Then I went to shop 2 pieces of clothes today.. I just think that I spent too much money already but I never get enough.. It's really really bad..


green tank top : ORANGE, Bag : GUESS, cardigan: my sis's, shiny legging : COTTON ON. heels: NOSE

My outfits for today is all black with a piece of green. I rarely have black outfits. This cardigan is my sister's. I used to have a lot of black clothes when I was younger, but I have less now. I'm looking for black outfits that suited me, but I found none. maybe I will, one time.

Thanks to my sister who helped me took these pictures...! she's owning an online shop. precious women online shop
I already bored with the white colour wall background at home which I always take it by myself. I'm sure you guys bored with it too...
pictures Edited by me.

I should sleep now. I'm tired.
Good night! ~