Another One Week

Its been a very long time, as usual I'm busy with school assignments. It's almost the end of the third sem of my study. In another one week I will having a day of examination and a  day of presentation. FINALLY! Finally I finished my last projects except one, illustration ... At least I feel a little bit relief and happy! I already passed the day when I had back pain on doing projects, when I had not enough sleep, when I felt frustrated, tired, bored, and stressed out. ANd today, I just finished my movie poster, which I can say it's kind of funny and cool at the same time. maybe I'll post it in one time.

I'm happy that I've almost finished and I'll go back to hometown on 12th of July. I just can't wait to go back.
and this I just bought another belt suspenders , black colour with white stripes. love it so much!
And I realised that my hair is getting so much longer now. I promise myself I'll get a hair treatment back in hometown and maybe change into a new hairstyle too.


suspenders casual look:
a white polo shirt, rolled up jeans , a sneakers
jjang! ^^






POLO shirt - Old Jeans - KITSCHEN suspenders.

Till next time~