I'm on my holiday now, It's not a long holiday, just a short sem break which I wish it can be longer than a week. I don't get too excited this time.  I was planning to go back to my hometown, but turned out I never went back and just stay her. And now,..,  I don't know what should I do during this holiday, I know I have a bunch of assignments to do, it's just I don't really want to think about it first. It can ruin everything.~ Hope I can have a nice and memorable holiday which I doubt I will get it. Any suggestion what should I do for holiday?

Today I went out with  my family, my sis, brother, brother in law, and my brother in law's mom to IKEA. IKEA is fun, though I've been there many times. It's just so nice to look at the interiors display which will be changed everytime I go.. And also there are many things to do around there. I already start to think for my long holiday on July. The sad thing is I will not be able to go to SWEDEN this year (again),  because my sis is going back to Sweden on September ... Ah~ Not my faith, haha hope One day... (again). I should think about a trip.

Love this look so much. It looks more playful and fun~ I love the belt..~ I bought a shirt which included with the belt, I just want the belt actually. it's just so hard to find the brown or black colour. Wearing it, reminds me about my kindergarten time when I used to wear that kind of belt.

ZARA TRF shirt - GAP shorts - Diva accessory - Forever21 hat - Reebok sneakers - pink belt