another rainy day

Hey! I'm back from my short sem break. gotta back to focus on the school projects. and i'm back to catch on the deadlines... with a bad weather here in where i stay (scorching heat in the afternoon and raining in the evening, it happened everyday) currently i'm having a flu, and coughing. I really can't wait for the long holiday on July. I'll be going back to hometown, meeting with freinds and family, and ofcourse my cute little niece.

This is what I wore during the weekend las week. I got another blue stripes outfits. I'm still loving blur stripes so much.~ It's completely perfect for the summer feeling. For this time, i got a little bit over sized dress but quite short in length.

i love this one~! i never tied my hair like this for a long time~ I'll feel painful when I tied my hair a little bit high, it's because my hair is too long and heavy. and.. I get annoyed with the hair rubber which not long lasting.