it's been a very long time since I last posted something.... And now it's already another month.. i'm really-really busy this semester. A lot of assignments to do. I know, everytime I wrote here. I always mention about assignments. but that's the only things that I've done everyday... Everytime I don't get enough sleep I always think that I'm going to get old faster... really sad thoughts~ and when i was doing my typography t -shirt, I bent my back a lot because I need to sew on a shirt (thought i'm not a fashion designer). on that time, I often get a backpain... i chose sleeveless shirt and sew the sleeves myself. And I did every words by words with sequins and lace. I'll try to post the picture another time.

This is not the end yet I still have things to do. While I'm waiting for my afternoon class, I'm writing this post because I miss you, guys~!

denim shirt - kitschen, vintage belt - kitschen, owl necklace diva, liquid look tights - cotton on


when I'm wearing this outfits, I feel like wearing a coat.. because the shirt is quite huge. and I love the belt~!

till next time~!