The First In April!

Finally I've time to post up something here. This is the first time for me to update my blog in April. I've been busy with assignments. I got a lack of sleep, I slept 3 - 3.30 a.m. in the morning these few days. And yesterday when I planned to sleep early, I coudln't make it and ended sleep around 1 a.m., mmm it's bad for me. Today I just passed up one of my assignment, And also gain another one. haha There will be no end. and during this weekend I need to do my computer graphic assignment for next week's class, and the following week is also a due date for another 2 assignments. By thinking of all of these I already feel so stressed!

And today, I feel the weather here is soo HOT~! after I reached home I went for shower with cold water, I feel better now. This is what I wore today. It's my old stripes top that I used to wear it many times last year.  I'm addicted to stripes especially blue colour stripes! :)

Bad news, I'm back with the old stupid camera. I've no choic, mom already went back to Indonesia.
I have no idea how this effect suddenly came out. *no editing.


unbranded silor stripes top, MANGO leggings, Adidas sneakers, Diva necklace