Had fun at Singapore


This was catching my attention, I found what I've captured above is something interesting. I always looked at everytime I passed by this place. I know, it sounds so silly for my age. I just went back from my short trip. It was really fun! I went there with mum only :) the two of us walked a lot around the orchard road, bugis street, chinatown, and vivo city mall. I still can feel my legs hurt until now, I often wore slippers. It was worth with what I've got from Singapore, I got a bunch of fun~! I did shopping quite a lot actually. There are so many people went out during the weekend, Everywhere was so crowded. I realized that Singapore have a lot of japanese food. I could see japanese restaurant almost everywhere!

I'm so happy that I can bring back a better feeling than before I went for the trip, and I'll continue to enjoy the rest of my holiday at KL. I hope it's going to be fun until the end and I want to start the new semester with excitement, hope it will turn like what I want.

I was not be able to capture a lot of pictures though, but here are some random pictures from the trip.


ion orchard


bugis street


i wore: Zara t shirt, MANGO dark grey legging, REEBOK high cut shoes, DIVA black cross accessories, Forever21 Beanie, GUESS bag

till next time...