Second Gateaway

port dickson

port dickson

Welcome to Port Dickson! See how blue the sea is and how beautiful the scenery! the pictures were taken in the afternoon.

This afternoon I just went back from another trip. This will be the second trip during my holiday. This time, me and my family were going out from KL to Port Dickson Beach for 2 days and one night. We took one and a half hour to Port Dickson by car with a little traffic jam. I was so excited to get to the beach since my last time to go to the beach, almost 3 years ago with my friends at Bali. This is my first time to go to beach in Malaysia after I stayed for 3 years, it's something new for me. The place is quite crowded with the local people, but the beach was nice in where I stayed. I like to play at the beach in the morning than in the afternoon past 1 pm, The water is cold and I could look through the transparent sea-water.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, after I arrived in the Hotel, I directly went in to the beach and play in the sea. It was warm and the sun was still above my head. me and my family didn't bother about the sun at first, but after we looked at our faces were getting red and we could feel a little pain on our skin, we realized that each of us is getting sun-tan. My mom is the only one who didn't get it, she just stayed under the trees near the beach. After that, we were getting ready to get some seafood for dinner. But it was not like how I imagined at first, like Bali which famous with "Jimbaran Seafood", I hardly see the restaurants on the street. I couldn't get to eat seafood, I was expecting too much. How I miss to enjoy seafood on the beach so much!

Forever21 yellow tank top, MANGO lime green shorts



sunset- the water level is higher!


wind blowing
blue playsuit - B.L.F. Indonesia, leather bag - Singapore

Time flies~! I already went through half way of my holiday, another a week to go to. Hope I will get ready in time!