The end of sem 2!

Hey! Finally i can sit down in front of my laptop and write a new post! I've been away from posting for sooo long,..! And I miss to write so much! I was so busy on doing my final projects and just finished my exam today. These few weeks I was so busy and stress out. Now, I finally can have  a proper rest starting from today. I'm so happy because it's a holiday for me! I'll try to really make a use of the holiday to the maximum! refreshing my mind and brain. forgetting the school problems. hahaha~

SO, here I am! I'm going to Singapore on this Friday! I'm so happy! I'll go with my mom and I hope I can meet my friends too.. :) I'm so excited with the trip! After more than a year ~! hehe
I will try to take a lot of pictures during the trip.

as like what I said in the previous post. My niece came to visit us here... she's sooo cute~! <3 we miss her already. hehe

my niece in the baby walker.. she likes to walk so much!

me and my niece.. :)

This is what I randomly try to wear it today but at the end I never wear it. hha maybe I will next time :D


dark blue jumpsuit-magnolia, black and white stripes cardigan-cotton on

see you in the next post! :))