Needs a break!



this is how the leggings that I'm wearing looks like.

wearing: forever21 yellow tank top. cotton on liquid look leggings. reebok high top sneakers. denim jacket. black tank top

This week is just my 2nd week for this sem. I've been given a lot of projects with less time. I'm quite sad actually. I didn't get enough sleep these days and my brain needs to think a lot for doing these projects. This is the consequence of having a short semester. Other than that, I have a super duper boring subject "history" almost everyday, luckily it usually ends fast!

 It's been raining everyday here, the weather is really cold. Almost everyday I need to wear a long sleeves shirt, cardigan, or jacket. I feel cold quite easy during this kind of season, but it's better than a hot weather during the day. So, this morning I was thinking on what should I wear to school and I found a denim jacket in my wardrobe.
Apology for my face in the pictures. I look terrible, I took the pics after I went back from school. That's how I looks like when I went back home everyday, I guess. I stay at school from 9am to 4.00-4.30pm for most of the time in one week. I'm getting to do the projects again tonight. Hope I can be more relax this weekend.

I find blogging is one of a way to release my stress.. I'm happy with it! especially when I received comments from you! Thank you so much for those who like to visits and leave comments to my posts! I really appreciate it! :D