L.O.V.E or Z.E.B.R.A??


I finally have a chance to make a post! I'm soo happy! Actually, this is the only way that I can get a bit relax and forgetting about projects, but not fully forgotten. I have to meet deadlines, think for another new assignments these days. Starting from Monday while I just ended my 1st project on packaging. Packaging is really stressing. Until now I still haven't get the approval for what I'm going to do, hope I can finish all of these before the deadlines. 

Forget about the projects first, I just started to love indian food since a few days back after I'm getting a scrumptious indian food with a unique style of serving. I love the curry so much~! I want that food again since it's nearly to dinner time now! yummsss! 


this is what I've been talking about.. super yums!


and this is naan bread with garlic. (from different place with the previous pic)

This is what I wore to school today. first I was thinking to pair the oversize shirt with a sheer grey stocking, but I ended up wearing leggings. And as you can see, I cut my fringe. I'm back to the short fringe, I was irritated by the semi-long fringe. And I just so sudden miss my short fringe a lot. Give some comments on my fringe, please... I'll be glad.. :)



L.O.V.E oversized tee, studded leggings, ZEBRA pattern shoes, ZEBRA pattern huge bag- cotton on

enough for today. I'm back to have a rest and continue to research. 

HUgs ,