My Prayer

God. If that place is where You want me to live,
Place that You want me to continue my study through my parents
I'll try to be ready though it's pain and hard for me.
I believe that You won't let your child to be looked down by the others and to be live in sorrow.
From what I've been gone through for the last 2 years,I know that You always know how I felt.
I don't want to be hurt but I don't want to hurt people that I love more than myself.
If this is my faith, then go on.
I believe that behind the pain there will be a happy ending.

Lord, make me to always depend on You.
Give me strengthness when I am weak
Give me smile on my face when I am unhappy.
Give me power to be brave to face the future and forgetting for what happened in the past.
Give me feeling to always enjoy in every situation.
I already tired to go through a hard situation, but one thing I always remember that I'm not alone.

Sometimes I think that It's really unfair for me to be treated like this..
I'm afraid that I will regret in the future, like what I've been through before. I don't want to be regret for the second time.

With love,