In a memorable day :)

Today is a memorable day for Indonesia! The President Election was going on this morning. I used my authority to choose who is compatible to be the next leader. That was my first time to participate in the election.

I’m happy because I can get my lovely magazine, Gogirl! Yesterday. This month edition is including a free zipper legging and the contents are like usual, up to date and inspiring!!

Along the street in Surabaya was quite silent today, I wonder where the people would go, and I found the answer after I arrived at PasarAtum. PasarAtum was really crowded today! I wondered that the whole citizens are gathering at PasarAtum. (Exaggerating, LOL). I went to PA with my mom and Dinq.

I bought Korean series, a Japanese movie (K20), and Michael Jackson Mp3 songs. After the King Of Pop has gone forever, everyday I could listen to Michael Jackson’s songs from TV, Karaoke places, and in Malls too.. That’s why I really want to listen to his songs. I was too young when MJ was really famous, I hardly remember his songs. But now, I can listen again to his songs. ^^

Then I also upgraded my blackberry: I put a dictionary and bible , I bought some silicon too (orange and pinkish purple colour). I had 5 colours now..another 3 are: red, light green, and peach, hehe. I still want more haha. These colours are eye catching and match with my nails.Hehehe. I also bought a hard cover and a stylus for my Nintendo DS.

they do match with my nails colours. NEON hehe

see how cute minnie NDS stylus is and white melody NDS hard cover :)

I’m so sad because my brother said that blackberry is useless in Malaysia, not many people are using bb (I know that) Mostly Indonesian that live there are using it. What make me sad: the fees for subscribe bb Internet is really expensive. That means I wouldn’t be able to use bb for 24 hours online.

That’s all for today..oh ya! Im going to JKT soon! Hope I can get the ticket tomorrow with a low price. I will go this weekend!!!Cant wait! Really want to meet my friends and go for shopping too hehe.

Have a nice day!