Luckily I live on the mall... (jkt vacation II)

what I wore yesterday..
my mom's old denim vest
purple bluish sleeveless top
floral vintage skirt - N.y.L.a
vintage channel necklace
white hand accessories.
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I feel sad and feel sorry about what happened in our country this morning.. I feel disappoint about what they did to our country. I did shocked this morning, I never thought that this thing would happen for the second time. When I woke up this morning, I heard the news, that news changed my mood in the morning :(

I canceled my plan to go to Mangga Dua, my parents were not letting me go too. We all afraid and really have to anticipate bout the terror. It would be happen again anytime and anywhere without permission. Luckily, I live above the mall :) so I could go down to the mall without going out by car ehehehe.. what a big advantage for me .. I was going to shop, but I didn't find so many clothes. They are not what I'm looking for.

So, today wasn't make any different with yesterday.. Yesterday I went to PIM from my apartment. It took more than an hour and made me burst in to sleep. ughh so annoying, I hate traffic jam... The worst thing was after I arrived at PIM, I found nothing... I went to Senayan City and it took another hour to arrive there.. I ate and then looked around for awhile and then went back home..

Though I don't feel really satisfied, I still enjoyed this vacation. better than nothing, hehehe..
tomorrow I'm going back in the evening to Surabaya and I'll spend the rest of my day in Surabaya until the beginning of next month. I do, afraid, worried about college :( I don't know what will happen in the future.. hope my college life will be interesting.. I also worried bout my english, I didn't use english for the whole 2 months in Surabaya, I afraid I forgot some vocab and grammar (though now my english isn't that fluent too) hehe..

oh myy.. pleasee,.... I ate so much in Surabaya and the same thing I repeated in Jakarta.. I ate so much.. I'm fatter now :(( huhu.. I need diett... TT