My summer vacation to Jakarta! (I) :)

yoghurt made by me.. nyumm.... ;9

senayan city

at senayan city

Hi everybody! here I am , still in Jakarta!! :)
I am very lucky! After almost a week I stayed here, I finally found an opened wireless in my apartment.. it's free and opened for me. hehehe so, here I am writing something to give some news to all of you! :)

AH.. I really want to share a lot ! but its too long to write it here.. So, I just wrapped it all ok..

It's begin from the first day I arrived here. I arrived here in the morning and then I met rosa, rinnie, and 2 of rinnie's friends: vivi and ayung. We met at TA then we went to Grand Indonesia and then to Senayan City. both GI and SENCI are quite new and really nice! hehee... I tried some yoghurt at Tutty Fruitty!! wow what a sweet yoghurt.. I want it more!! but it's really expensive and it will be danger if you don't know how much do you takee.. hehehe

The next day I met them again and we went to EX to watched Ice Age 3D.. the glasses made me got a bit of headache.. -.- oh my....~~

When I had no plans to go anywhere, I just went around mall TA.. It's quite big and enough to make my legs hurt and nice to look at for shopping. (don't underestimate this mall) hehehe

The really bad thing is.. I went to ITC Kuningan to get disappointment :( the place isn't really nice and we hardly bargain, they just put the nett price.. and the products aren't that nice and a few. that will be the first and the last time I go there..

I really enchanted by the beautiful place and scene at Segarra (ancol). the best place that I've seen in Jakarta during the sun set.. what a beautiful scenery.. I felt like I was in Bali on that time hehe.

that's all for today! :)) for what I've done this morning, I'll post it next time.. nothing much just went to PIM and SENCI. I thought PIM made a change but, it always the same like 3 years agoo... hehe.. I will post more next time.. It almost 1a.m. now..

Good night readers!
with love,