I'm back!!

I'm back to Surabaya yesterday.. time really flies....
I really miss Surabaya and miss my friends too.. :)
Lots of people were going out from Jakarta, I think it's because of the holiday are over.. or because of there is a day off on Monday.. The airport was really crowded yesterday and my plane was delayed for an hour :( But that's already over and I'm back without anything bad happened.. Praise the Lord! :)

gush.. I have nothing to do here.. haha since my laptop can't get wireless in my house, I used my computer, back to speedy. though i hate it but I really need to browse..

Let me give you guys some reviews about what I've seen in Jakarta..
For almost 3 years I never visited Jakarta. I found so many changes there! Like TA, beside TA 3 years ago, there was no big new buildings that still on process now, but I found it developed quite fast! I really happy to see Jakarta can developed nicely now! it becomes better and better! hehe
Lots of shopping malls here and there.. big, luxurious, and elite! hehe I really love it!!

the buildings are not just a "so what" buildings, but mostly have a high standard in the architecture and conditions.. mostly the malls are containing branded shops, nice foods, etcetera..
I really happy and really enjoyed it!

I think Jakarta and Malaysia, both are developed.. But I prefer Jakarta to Malaysia ... From the people's manners to the buildings, and the services.. all are making me satisfied! :) Unlike in KL.. I really adore Jakarta! :) The fashion and apparels are high in quality, always up to date, and complete (lots of shop with different brands!) hehe.. Because of too many shopping malls here and there, I need some more times :( I didn't visit so many places because of time...

I love the new malls! Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, and MOI (I haven't go there)... :( and I love TA , EX, PI forever.. hehehe
it's not only malls, malls, and malls, find some attractions that you can watch with your family or friends too.. there are alot that I never knew... like Segarra in Ancol, the scenery isn't that different like out side the country.. x))

I really want to go there next time for a long time.. hope that's just not a plan.. hehehe.. I haven't go to Mangdu ... and I promise next time I must go there!! :))

For today.. I just went to church and then I went to my cousin's engagement party.. hehe.. quite fun, I could gathered with family.. hehe
that's all for today.. I'm in a rush to watch The master Junior. hahhaa