For this week news!

I got a new phone.. My dad bought me BB by selling my nokia N81 and still keeping my LG Icr Cream phone.. Thanks dad!
For my mom, thanks for allowing me for taking a design course. Thank for spending your time to send and take me for the course.
Thanks for accompany me to get the things that I needed and for buying me a small sewing machine!
I really enjoying the short course! Hehehe.. I really thankful for all what I've received..

These days, I rarely hang out with my friends TT but still its ok.. I can spend more time at home or with my mom.. Hohoho
Next, hope I can go to Jakarta for sure next month.. I've cancelled the plan to go for many times.. This time, I asked by my dad to wait until in the middle of July..

That's all for today!! :D
Good Night all!