I Really love to be here..

Hii Everybody!! Like what I said, I'm back to write more. finally my internet has been fixed..! :)

First off all, I'll show you guys my cute niece.. hehe

My cute, pretty niece.. In this pic she's just less than a month, but she is big and cute! Now she's already a month ++.

I really enjoy my holiday in my hometown.. What I've done in SUrabaya during these 2 weeks are: I went to meet my niece, my sister, my grandma, shopping, went to my best friend's sweet 17th birthday. In My best friend's Sweet 17th Birthday, I met my friends that I haven't met for a long time.. like a reunion xP I won the 2nd place BEST DRESS! ^^ I'll post the pic soon.. My mom made the dress for me. :) I went out everyday and of course went out for shopping hehe.. There are so many events in Surabaya.. Like Last time I went to TP for midnight shopping in SOGO. This event is for SURABAYA's birthday.. hehe

Surabaya has been changed a lot. there are so many buildings though I wasn't here for almost 6 months only. Entertained places here are gaining, becoming more fun and better than in KL, that's what I think ! :D I love to be here.. I can go for shopping till I drop. (LOL)

Today I went to NAV for Karaoke with my friend and then we went to Galaxy Mall, There was up tp 50% SALE in MANGO .. After that, we went to Tunjungan Plaza, I searched more stuffs in MANGO and ZARA. With only less than Rp 500,000,- I got a cute skirt, short pants, and longer pants :) Lalala.. I'm soo happy! hehe. from ZARA I bought a T-shirt. And I haven't forgotten bout GOGIRL! :D hehe My fav magz..

My shopping madness. haha

WIsh I can always stay here.. I never feel like this happy, free to shop in KL.. Everytime I got nothing to do, I always think that the holiday will be over so soon TT and I'll go to college.. :( I freaked out and getting stress.. I don't want to think about that, I just want to enjoy what I am going through now.. I just don't want to bother too much about going back :(

When I've no plan, I stay at home watching DVD, Dramas.. hehehe..
SO far I really enjoy my holiday.. ! ^^ I can get close with my bro and mom whenever I have no plan. We often going out together. hehe

I'm planning to go to JKT at the end of this month.. I really look forward to go to JKT. since Last year I have begging my parents to go, and I had not chance yet. This year, hope it's going to happen.! hahaha..

HAPPY HOLIDAY for some of you!
and GOOD LUCK for some of you who still going through your EXAMS! Especially Rinnie! ^^