I miss to write !

I'm back! I MISS to write so much!! x)

There are a lot of things that I want to share..!
currently, I straightened my hair.. I feel I look a bit weird at first, but later on I love my new hair. hehehe..

I finally received my laptop which I haven't try to use it because I'm to lazy to learn how to use MACBook. SOon or later I must learn how to use it. I need to buy some stuff for my new "hubbies" hehehe.. I need to buy the cover for my Macbook and a bag for it. Then, for my BB, I'm searching some silicons with a good price.. But still, I haven't get it. I'll wait by using the red colour silicon at the moment ..

I finished my short courses and these days I haven't get any new courses. I finished on making my simple blazer and skirt!! LOVE it! hehe I'll wear it soon or later! ^^
I used my new lovely sewing machine to finish both of it! :D

This isn't as small as what you see.

I've got
a present!! Thanks dinq-lee :)

TATTOO your nails by yourself! cutee.. :)
It's a little bit hard to use it.. I'm on going to learn how to use it.