What do I usually have for breakfast?

I just want to share what I have for breakfast and what I had experienced about breakfast. ^^

I was not used to have breakfast in the morning when I was a little girl. I usually woke up and get ready for going to school without having breakfast. Since that time I have been skipping every single breakfast.
Then I realize now I need breakfast for energy, to stay alert! :)
Now, I try to not skip breakfast in each day. For me breakfast is the source of energy, to help me concentrate and stay alert. Though I don't use to it.. I force myself to get use to it.
It may sounds weird. Everytime I have breakfast, I feel like I want to vomit. In the morning before going to school, usually I just get a piece of bread, a cup of yoghurt, or a bowl of oat.

Then, during weekend / holiday, I usually get prepare for more than it (I live only with my brother, so I need to prepare everything by myself. x)). I have my breakfast around 9 a.m.- 11a.m. during the holiday. :)

What do I usually have for my breakfast?

banana, 1-2 pieces

oat (strawberry flavor) I wasn't get use to eat this because I don't like the flavor. coz of my sis encourage me, I could eat it now, though I rarely eat it.

hope I can get this brand in my hometown.. I love the plain flavor.. ;9
these are strawberry flavor (up), plain (opened)

wholegrain bread ;9