I am too ECSTATIC!

Finally! After 3 weeks I've been waiting..
after I went through all the O-level exams..
Just wait for the results! :))

Long holiday is infront of me! I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow!!
I'm too happy and excited! :D I hope this holiday will be meaningful, memorable, and full of happiness! no more sorrow and worries.. Get relax baby! chill out with pals and family. My niece especially hehe. I'll meet you soon! ^^

Today I went out to watch Night In The Museum 2.. It was so funny, inspiring, and entertaining.. hehe.. Then After that I met my friends there.. I'll miss them someday. Most of them are going to the same college :( except me and some others.. Hope we will keep in touch!
I'll miss all the things at school, though I don't really bother bout it so far xP

ALL of these pics were taken 2 years back.. heehee I looked soo innocent right? haha

My best pals : Lee and Ham

Look so funny, but this is the way the Korean Canteen do. hehe (look at the menu)

Curry Instant noodle made in my school's canteen. yumm~
and of course I'll miss the Korean food at the Korean canteen.
The hot dog and the others. Oh my~ I'm starting to get hungry now :(

My outfit today:

Men Shirt: SEED
Jeans: MNG
Vest: Somewhere in Hongkong
Belt: VOIR