TODAY is not a STUDY day For me! :( New Printer!! :D and New camera..! for mom! :(

Gosh! Today is really tiring!!

I didn't study at all... :( I went to a mall today... I watched movie..
AKAI ITO (threads of destiny) . There is a drama version.. The drama version was out first.. But i've never watched it..

I went in to the cinema after 30 minutes late!! I didn't watch the sweet part and I don't really understand it TT..

SO what I know is the girl and her Boy friend met when they were child in front of a CAKE Shop. They both had the same date of birth..( COOL! ) on 29th February.. SO it's like 4 years in a time to celebrate.. After that, they met again and being a couple.
Suddenly The boy was leaving her, they broke up for a reason which the girl didn't know what was going on..

I really really really want to watch the sweet part which was at the beginning of the movie TT
After that, We went to eat.. and We went for shopping! But I didn't get lots of things..

I bought :

For my hamster! (bubu)
I thought Bubu will be so bored with what she had for breakfast to dinner! hahaa(jk)
SO I bought another kind of food! It's imported.
Bubu! You are lucky to have me as your owner! (MOm) LOL

For my ART!!
6B and 8B pencils! I always bought Staedler! The best!
MADE in GERMANY! There are fake products!
The brushes in the pack was more expensive, of course.. It's Branded ..

Safe the Phone!! hehe.. by putting it around your neck! and practice! no need to get it from your bag/ pocket!..

My new 3 in 1 printer!! CHEAP!! and 3 in 1.. good right?? :)

there is a story behind this..! haha~~ and of course the 10 MP camera! with many features!! high techno! ;p
I went to a CANON shop in pyramid..
First we decided to bought the printer.. suddenly my mom came out an idea to buy a new camera.. She asked for a big screen camera with 10 MP.. but the design / outer look was not really good for her.. So she kept on asking and bargaining the price..

After she decided to but this one (the one that we get now) she still kept on bargaining. first the lady explained and explained. Then changed to the other people and the next people. We were staying there for a long time! I said to myself "Aq pikir, ni yang punya uda ngomong sampe ledeh dr td. klo kita ga beli bisa marah besar nih! Waduh! Ma.. klo ga mau kluar aja deh.."

After around an hour finally we get the good price.. Argh~ So tiring.. I think the Marketing is really good and the Sales people are good at talking too. They even took a photo of us.. and printed it out.. :) (like it )..

The pic is blurrTT
Don't worry! i'll fix the printer and scan the pic! :D Yippy!