Relaxing day!

Today I woke up early morning, I went to swim! :D So refreshing! :)
I made a break fast.. scramble egg.. like what my sister said in her blog.. ;p

This is for my brother's +hashbrown

This is mine.. :D with wholegrain bread.

After that, in the afternoon we went to a mall.. This is what I wore today:

black skirt
t-shirt : ZARA
denim vest

and I cut my front hair too :)

and We went to ZEN had our lunch. :

salmon set

and salad.. the salad dressing was fantastic! I like the crab too :))

Just to let you guys know. I just joined: (it's still a bit empty though) x)
chictopia : here : here

Ok.. That's all for today. I need to clean my house xP