Wohoo~! One more week til I finish my Exams! ;) (So excited!)
I went to eat in TGI Friday yesterday.. Yummy ;9 hehe~
Finally I finished one of my ART paper.. 1 paper to go! and 2 chemistry papers, 1 Chinese.

Ham Beef Burger

Chicken Caesar Salad

And today I tried to make Fettuccine Alfredo for my bro.. he likes it! this is the instant one xP you know right? so, I don't need to make the cream. It's all instant, except the fettuccine and ham.

New Drama on My list! I'm too excited with a new drama. Shining Inheritance. The actor will be Lee Seung Gi! I love his smile .. hehe.. I watched him in a variety show, that's why. hehe
The actress is Han Hyo Joo (Spring Waltz) My mom loves her :))

I'm gonna continue to watch :D