These are my Nail polish collections.. from ELIANTO..
Bright, chic, and sexy colours! :D
behind it will be my box full with nail polish with many different colours..~

I addicted with Make up these days..~~ (But I hardly express it.) even in dressing.. Here (Malaysia), I can hardly express it..~ Few Days back, I was shopping in SUNGEI WANG with my mom. What I love the most was I get a legging that i want! This legging is thick, and it's long until cover the toes. :)) really happy! I was looking for this for a long time!! :D But I still want to get Blazer, boots, and sneaker. xP hehe Next time.. :D
I rarely go out.. When I go back to Indo, Hope I can experiment more! ;p

Besides that, I addicted with nail polish! sure I can express by colouring my nail with any colours that i want. Search here and there for nail polish. search for many colours as well. ;p
These days i found alot at ELIANTO.~! Lots of colours :D

My collections are from MISSHA, FACESHOP, ELIANTO, ETUDE, SKINFOOD, VOV. (They are Korean brands) LOL.~ I don't know why, I just get attracted to these.. and I just in LOVE with these brands.. I just feel these suit me well :) Even in cosmetics maters.. hehe