I made my own hair band. :D

Yesterday night I was really bored~ I tried to find something to do.. Then I found a roll of ribbon that I just bought. I decided to make my own hair band :D since I love Ribbons so much! ^^ I try to collect more~ hehe. I will show you my collection next time :)
I did all of these by myself~ from the designing, sewing, till its ready! I think this will be a new HOBBY for me~ haha I am really excited! ^^

By using all of these, I made my hair band.

I did this by cutting the ribbon, clamped the ribbons together by sewing it manually (by hand) and then joined the two cut ribbons together by sewing too :D

first hair band

so, this is will be the ribbon's hair band after joining all together.

this is the ribbon after I put the *blinkies stuff* (haha I don't know how to call it in English)
My first hair band is done! ^^

The second hair band.

Maybe it's hard to find the different between the first and the second hairbands :D but try to find it! ^^

Accessory for hand :D

I don't think I'm really going to use this _ _''
Actually, I don't really like this accessory. It's not really well done TT

Ok..! these are my first try! :D A bit untidy :(
But I'll try to make it better next time!! ^^