"Headache".. Hope just for today.

Today I went to school by myself because I had classes which my brother doesn't take. I went out from the house around 9.30 a.m.. Before that, I woke up around 8 a.m., I took a shower and started to cook breakfast. I was thinking to cook first because my brother needed to eat right..?

SO I found out what was in my refrigerator. I found : fruits, potato, carrots, some kind of cabbage, kimchi, chicken, hard tofu, and some nuggets stuff..
So I cooked the kimchi by doing SPICY KIMCHI Fried Rice. Then I left the house. I was doing my Chinese class and ART class at school. I think, The Study time is already started. I need to prepare my Speaking test for Chinese which is due on Wednesday. and I need to start to make research for my ART. For ART exam, I think it's gonna be fun, though lots of things to do.. Like for the preparatory before the exam.. But Chinese.. Kill me.. TT I need to study more.. For the other subjects? I need to worry bout these too.

I went back home around 1.00 p.m., I thought my bro already ate the food. But when I arrived, he still in his dream. DAMN it~
Then I was so exhausted. I slept for 3 hours.. I got headache a bit. I found my bro ate a little from what I cooked this morning. I thought he was going to eat it at night again. He started to complain , complain, and complain. A Bout the house is getting dirty and stuff. Last time, we decided to separate our duty, he is going to handle the house cleaning and I will handle the cooking stuff. But then, he kept on complaining when I started to make a mess in the house. Like, I Like to draw during my spare time, I draw on the floor because I feel more comfortable. Then I drop some dust from the eraser, He warned me to not to draw again. _ _'' (sigh*) While our tables at home has been putted a lot of stuff, he asked me to remove all of my things. (this one I can't accept it) But for the drawings, I can't! Where do I suppose to do my art work then? While he was cleaning the house, He kept on complaining, so I closed my ears by listening to music with the headset. (That what I usually do)

At night, He asked me to cook again and I said, "The fried rice has not finished yet. Finish it.". He said, "You know right, that I don't like to eat this last time you cooked." Complaining again?? Then he asked me to cook chips and sausages. I did so..~ He said that I'm the one who in charge in the food and he didn't like the food. I must cook for the food that he wants only! Unfair! Can't you just shut up and accept it? He rarely/ never gets satisfy with what I already served for him! He doesn't like carrots and I do, I need to separate it like what I did for today's morning meal. I just want him to appreciate it. This is so biased ... This is what I feel and what on his mind will be different.
At the end, I was the only one who finished the fried rice. How am I going to loss weight? TT I'm not happy at all.. I hate to live with a boy.

My meal this morning. CARROTS!!!

Mostly I did for my bro.

ha.. Exam is coming soon. I need to seriously prepare from now on. My ART preparatory is on going now. I did the research which was really fun. I really want to share the pictures, with my work too. I hope soon or later.. :D