Fried Rice Ball Made By me~ :D

Fried Rice Ball!!!

I really love to eat this! Not only me, my brother, sister, and friends too love this food too.. hehe..
First time I tried this was at my school's canteen. Like what I wrote on my previous blog.
So..~ I tried to make it today! The first trial was a failure. I couldn't made a perfect ball shape with the rice.. Or when I fried the rice ball, the rice came out xP
Finally I found how to do it! let's see! :)

cooked rice
2 eggs (1 for omelet, 1 for dipping the rice before combine it with the bread crumbs)
bread crumbs
Inside the rice:
big onion, carrots, black sesame seeds.

As seasoning:
soy sauce, salt, tomato sauce.

1. make an omelet with an egg and chop it into small pieces.
2. cut the onion and carrots into small pieces.
3. fried the onion with a little bit of oil.. put all the carrots and rice in, later on, put in the egg. take the fried rice out.
4. mix the fried rice with black sesame seeds. put the rice into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. So, when you make a rice ball it will be stick on together.
5. prepare the bread crumbs and mixed egg in the different plate.
6. make a rice ball, dip in to the egg, and then put into the plate with the bread crumbs, mix it well.
7. fried it until brownish with the oil.
8. serve with tomato/ chili sauce! yummy! ;9