Another contents in my KimBap (김밥) ^^

Kimbap, after it cut :)

Yummy Kimbap~

Finally, My mom came to visit me :D yey! hehe. She came and brought me many things from my hometown.. A few pieces of new clothes especially. hehe..
She has been here for 5 days.. A day after she came, I made kimbap for my mom to taste my cooking skill. hoho.. She does, like it! This time I put 1/2 tin of pork meat. :)

I was quite surprised when I found that the new seaweed that I bought was 2 times bigger than the one that I bought previously. That's good :) This time was a big success! hehe. The rice was be able to stick together..
Now, I know the key of making kimbap: 1. Don't put the rice too much at then end (Up and down part), spread the rice on the seaweed from the left to the right.. so, when you roll the kimbap, it will fixed neatly. 2. cool down the rice temperature, before put it on the seaweed. 3. use the sharp knife to cut the kimbap. 4. Try to consume the kimbap that has been made in 1 day, otherwise the rice will dry on the next day.

cooked carrot, spinach, omelet, crab stick, pork meat.
Raw Japanese cucumber, mayonnaise, dry seaweed for kimbap/sushi, short grains rice (after it cooked, the rice is cooled for awhile, then pour some rice vinegar into it)