New Drama on My List~!

Cinderella Man

New Drama on My List~! It's on going now In Korea.. And I patiently wait to watch it! hehe :)
It's Kwon Sang Woo as the main actor and Yoona From SNSD as the main actress.
First, When this film was not coming out yet, I said it's going to be nice! Yeah. It's true! The first Episode is nice :D Kwon Sang Woo is having a twin brother here. hehe
Yoona is a fashion designer student from Paris. Suddenly, she must went back from Paris because of her father passed away.. It's going to be a nice new Drama for me after BOYS BEFORE FLOWER.. ^^

There are some quotes from Boys Before Flower that really touched my heart~! :
ep 22.
jandi: I want to ask you something from way before
junpyo: what is it?
jandi: why in the world was it me? im not pretty, i dont have status or money. i have nothing why did u like me?
Junpyo: because I have it all
jandi: what?
junpyo: money status and looks, I have it all I dont need anything, just as long as geum jandi is geum jan di.. (Arhh~ so sweet)

if everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist??

Junpyo: Jandi? our promise on that time, is that still valid?
Jandi: No. It's no longer exist. the person who said it and heard it doesn't exist right now.

ep 17
Junpyo: I learned,I rather die than see another guy to save you.
This is when Junpyo suddenly Can rescue Jandi when She no longer can swim.