Tuna gimbap/kimbap 김밥

today I decided to cook Tuna Kimbap


-eggs (for making omelet)
-short grained rice - this is will be different if you use a normal rice.
-seaweed (long/short)
-Japanese rice/grain vinegar, sesame oil, and salt (for seasoning).
-tuna spread
-sesame oil

How to cook:

1.cook the rice
2.while you are waiting, rinsed all spinach & carrots. then cut it into a long pieces.
3.put the spinach into a boiled water and put some sesame oil, salt. drain the water
4.boiled the carrots and crabstick for awhile. drain the water.
5.make an omelet with the eggs and cut into pieces.
6.prepare the cooked rice by giving some vinegar and mix it well.
7.put some rice on the seaweed, give some tuna and mayonnaise.

8.arrange the ingredients and roll it slowly and tidily.
9. Tuna Kimbap is ready ! :)