Earth Day! Baskin Robin! and movie :)

during the EARTH HOUR

AFTER~ As usual :)

Yeah~ today is quite bored/fun. :( mixed up. hehe
The fun thing is I watched Confession of a shopaholic and I also success in making Tuna Kimbap :) (read my previous post for the recipe) The movie was really nice!
It's about a woman that can't control her passion in buying clothes. SHOPAHOLIC! x)
I like it!, It looks like the reflection of my characteristic. >.<
After I watched the movie, I feel more enthusiast to earn money by myself! and ofcoure to control my "eye" and passion about shopping. That's good RIGHT?? :)
sometimes, I feel envy to people who can earn money by themselves and can buy something with their own money. But I'm sure Soon or later, I will be like that too! :)

Baskin Robin!. COuldn't wait until the end of the month. Guess what? 31% discount! hahaha. but then I already got it! My sweet favourite flavour - Cookies and Cream! :) and then I went to shop , shop , and shop. Not too much this time.. SELF CONTROL baby!

WIhii! Baskin Robin @ Sunway Pyramid

My fav!

Today My dad called me and we talked about what I'm going to do after O-level~ Ya.. I still confuse until now..~ but then ~ I'll try my best until I really get the final decision! I'll pray, pray, and pray until the final decision has been decided!

Today is the EARTH DAY! It really happened in KL! :) 8.30 p.m, I saw from my balcony, KL became so quiet and dark. this is my first time to see this.. I was so impressed with it! There are people who care about the EARTH! :) I glad that I turned of my air cond and lights too.. Eventhough I felt a bit Warm >.<
I took pictures before and after.. hehe
Even the lights @ KLCC were turned OFF~ :)
isn't that good? We can do it more often!!

Ok~ Good night!! I will continue to read manhwa :)