Sakae Sushi! and Baskin Robin Take Away~ :)

It's Sakae sushi, not Genki Sushi. Sorry I made a mistake!
Today after school I went to eat at Sakae Sushi inside SUnway Pyramid~ geez~ That was not really good man~ The price was not worth at all.. I regret to but that.. It's like a little bit cheaper than ZEN! But then, the food was a little only. My bro and I were so shocked!! :( the portion was so small and it was not a packet with anything else.. ZEN is so much better than Sakae Sushi man~~ In ZEN eventhough the food are so much more expensive, it is worth. BIG portion!! hehe :) and ZEN is more exclusive! :) Oh man , the worst was I hate to drink the Greentea, It's not a real green tea leaf.. :( I can make it by myself at home then....

The Good thing in Genki is we order by using computer. just click! hehe
CHicken sukiyaki RM 15.90

Chicken katsu don RM 12.90

AFter that I went to Giant to buy stuff.. :) Then We bought Baskin robin again!! haha .. That's Our reason to go to SUnway Pyramid! x) I bought a Quart size which is 700 gr. I always get cookies and cream.. The best among the best!! (???) hehehe.~ Geez. there was so many people were queing. I was afraid I will miss my cookies and cream flavour like last time. Fortunately, there's still alot of it!! :)