Shanghai FW With Friends

Last Monday I had a chance to go to Shanghai Fashion Week for the second time with 2 friends. This time, a friend of mine was a grand finalist for a competition called "Eco-chic Design Award", she and the other 9 contestants had to show their collections in the fashion week. What is interesting about the show is they have to use wasted material to make the garment or making the garment with nothing to be wasted. It was a great show!

below's are My friend's collections! Awesome and modern!

me and my friend, the designer!

me before the show. Wearing my mom's oversized blazer

Afterwards, we went to had dinner at New York Style Burger, this is located at Taikang Lu.  Everything that they served is a big portion. The burger that I ordered was mushroom with cheese (if I'm not mistaken) the wagyu beef was really great and I love the bread texture and softness!