48 hours Singapore

people are queueing in the middle of the rain. there was SALE going on, time : 9 a.m. 

1. mango dessert with ice and condensed milk (the yummiest!) 2. manggo with ice cream 3. yummy ramen 4. another ramen 5. fried fish soup with noodle. (my fav food in Singapore!) 6. phad thai

wearing a silver flare shorts with a little glitters on it. I love the concept behind this flare short, it looks slightly like a skirt when I wear it.

me and my cute niece

the one and only H&M store in Singapore

Bugis Street


My Three days and two nights Singapore gateway has ended. The 48 hours of trip was fun and short. It has been 1.5 years since my last visit to Singapore. And everytime I go there, I always find changes especially in building constructions (especially in along the Orchard road). During my visit this time, I went to the same places that I never miss to go when I go to Singapore : Orchard road and Bugis Junction, where I usually do shopping. I was quite surprised , since I went to Singapore during the working day (Tuesday to Thursday) I thought the road and the shopping malls will be less crowded. Otherwise, since morning, many people were going to the shopping, even only for breakfast at the food sections. It happens till night, everytime and everyday is crowded. To summarize my trip, I divided into things that I loved and things that was not going well.

Things I loved about this trip :
1. Meeting my older sister and niece. they came at the same day from my hometown.
2. Meeting two of my friends.
3. Bought a few pieces of skirt.

Things that wasn't going well.
The weather. Raining in the first and second day. I don't like to walk under the rain. troublesome and I couldn't take many pictures. Besides that, I couldn't go to some places because of rain.