I'm home

Hi! Finally I'm back to blog~
I just finished everything and I'm on holiday now. This is my 5th day in my hometown. and there were many things that already went on. I really enjoy being here. Get rid off the hard time that I went through when I was doing my last projects. I'm glad it's over now.
I was struggling to get a new internet provider that is fast and convenient, and it's very hard. I don't know what is good and finally I chose one.~
Hang out with family and friends here are so relaxing. And also going to new places in my hometown.
I had a new hair style now. This post will be the last post that you will get to see my long hair. I had my new hair style since 2 days ago. I'll show you my new hairstyle in the next post.

Im wearing forever21 jeans, zara black heels.