Weekend with my brother ;P

my fav korean street food shop ;9

it isn't big.. but it is a lovely place and always got a lot of customers..
I always can listen to korean (up to date) songs... New songs...
2NE1, Kara, Lee Seung Gi, etc... <3

Hey! Happy Weekend! ^^

Today I had nothing todo in the morning, BUt finally I hanged out at night with my brother.... :)
I was craving for dokbokki noodle! That's the reason I asked my brother to accompany me to the mall. Luckily, he was in the mood to go out.. :D

at first, I was dressing messily, like usual, T shirt and shorts.. I was thinking, I need to walk and take taxi to go to the mall anyway, so I want something simple.. But, my brother was saying to me "I dressed nicely, you must dressed better too! Go, and change ..!" haha Then I go and change, I thought today is a weekend, it's been a long time I never dressed feminine and nicely.. Last time was when I was in my hometown x)

In KL, I can't dressed feminine, it won't be comfortable, I need to walk to school and take taxi/bus.. The weather here is super duper hot! I need shorts, bright colour T-shirt (reflection of heat,haha) and shoes (No heels!) I don't look at my appearance too much x).. hehehe~ So, for today, It's totally different.. hehe~

So, Ya~ I went to a shopping mall near my house, there was so many people. As what I know is today is A MoonCake event.. There are performances, mooncake celebration, lots of people were buying mooncake.. :) I think it will be fun if I have my family here and celebrating this event.. but it is ok.. :)) I have my brother here.. After I ate the dokbokki in my favorite Korean Street cafe, I went to buy snacks for me.. I need to survive by myself. I need food and take care of myself too. hehe

After that, I went to J.co with my brother to have frozen yoghurt.. ;9 as usual, sharing size with toppings : longan, peach, (these two are a must) and honey corn flakes.. just for the 2 of us..~
I am waiting for TUTTI FRUTI to be opening soon! ^^ Another yoghurt store. I've tried it before in Jakarta.. :D it was nice and have a lot of flavors..
After that, we decided to go back home, we afraid, the traffic jam and the lack of taxi... I can't walk back home,, I was wearing heels.. I told my brother, if you want me to walk, buy me a shoes first! LOL~ at the end, we went back home by taxi. hehe

Pictures~~ :
apology on my narcism x)

my brother n his food ;p

me and bro

my fav dokbokki noodle ;p


my outfit today
unkown brand dress
NOSE black heels