Improper meals time .. TT

"Aaaa...!!!" (loudly scream) I ate quite a lot these days and I ate at the improper time too.
Like, these days I woke up at late, in the afternoon actually which makes me skip my breakfast...
I usually have "breakfast" which is lunch because of I'm having it in the afternoon. I starts the first food that goes in to my body with the bread/ oats.. After some time.. I will start to eat again around 4.-6 p.m.. SO that will be my dinner I guess.. But then, I will feel hungry again at night.. which is making me feels like having snacks TT

These days I ate outside a lot. I don't have any ingredients to cook at home.. Which is unhealthy if I keep on eating outside.. I want to get in to a proper meals and in the proper time again!!

Yesterday I was watching VITAMIN tv Show. I watch it at KBSWORLD. This TV show is giving me a lot lot lot of knowledge about health.. I already watch this TV show for a few months! I try not to skip every single episode.. !

In each episodes, the topics will be different.. Like for example, todays topic is about diabetes, the next episode will be the other topic and so on.
The TV show provides the information from the causes of this disease, the food which is good for preventing the disease until what are the proper exercises and the other tips.. They call the experts to explain the details. This TV show also provides with the games and some recipes .. WOW !

I'm lovin it!! haha..I gains my knowledge about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.. these also giving me advantages to make me easy to study BIOLOGY for my upcoming exam! ;p ANd also, this tv show entertains me a lot by making me laugh :) so inspiring..!!

Oh yaa.. Yesterday I went to a restaurant called Wong Kok at Pyramid. Beside the Starbucks at the main entrance. This restaurant served Hong Kong style food. It's like Kim Gary..
Ok. Yesterday was my first time to eat there. All of the food that I oredered were not healthy at all!! TT I was ordering all of these:

Fried pork with honey, vegetable and fried rice
I like pork when I enter A Hong Kong STyle Restaurant x(

after mixing it well
RM 9.30
This is mine!!

Yang Zhou fried rice
RM 8.60
This is for my brother's!!

Watermelon juice RM 4.50
Ori Ice Milk Tea RM 4.60

Good night EVERYBODY!!