Woolmark "Wrapped in Merino" Campaign

The Woolmark Company new campaign called "Wrapped in Merino" will be launch on 29th of May. The campaign aims to connect people in social media as they collaboratively design a giant virtual scarf. Each participant creates their own section of the scarf, adding their photo and customizing the scarf design, before sharing it with their friends through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 

Besides that, Everyone who participated in this campaign will automatically enter the draw to win one of eight fashion prize packs, including Net-A-Porter vouchers and soft Merino wool scarves.

This is what I have created. I tried to make a scarf that will match with my outfit. It was fun! It took me some time to choose the type of scarf, the pattern, and the colour.

Interested to be part of the campaign? Start to make your own scarf by clicking here

Some links that you need to know:
Microsite - wrappedinmerino.com
‘We Love Wool’ page - facebook
Twitter - twitter
YouTube promo clip - youtube
Merino website - http://www.merino.com/