Floral Skirt

black tee - Zara // skirt - Singapore // clutch - Shanghai // wedges - H&M // pearl collar - Diva

another DIY dresses

At first, I've got no idea what should I pair the floral pattern skirt with. I thought of getting anything simple to wear this floral skirt since I don't have many collared shirt. This morning, I was in hurry and I automatically pulled out the floral pattern skirt and took the black top with adding a necklace + flats + clutch and I got an easy, simple look at an instance. I was going out for a while in the morning. At night, I thought of putting a little more into my plain morning look for a Saturday night dinner, so I took my pearl collar and wear it on the black top.

Another DIY pieces that I designed and sewed by myself. I finished making this since 2 weeks ago. Have worn the polkadots dress once. Now, I'm doing another pieces, an almost done blazer and another blazer again. Let's see...

Have a great weekend!